Photo by    Chris Hagenbuch

Artist Statement

I am here to capture moments in time as well as create them in order to make an effective statement about what I am experiencing. I want to find the beauty in the darkness that will present perspective and introduce elements of magic. Where magic becomes a commonplace, a world where truly anything can happen.

My goal as an Artist has a sense of social responsibility, to help deepen my own life experiences and others to make a point about reality and create a world of endless possibilities through visual arts.


I was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and left at the age of 8 and moved to La Paz, Bolivia - the highest altitude city in the world in the heart of South America.

I stayed in Bolivia until I graduated high school and then went off and major in Broadcast Journalism at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania where Comedian Kevin Hart claims, "its where Freddy Krueger lives."

I then went upstate New York ran away to the Natural State of Arkansas and then made my way to the Good Life in Nebraska where I had a handful of odd jobs working in Theatre, Film, Newspaper, Photography Studio

I then went upstate New York to work a seasonal position at a Minor League Baseball Team and then ran away to the Natural State of Arkansas where I had a hand full of odd jobs. I then made my way to the Good Life in Nebraska where I worked at the Omaha World-Herald.

I am now back in the Pennsylvania on the Pursuit of Happiness.

So far, the only award I have received was, "Most Likely to Eat Everyone Else's Food" and was the only girl in the 6th grade Juggling Club.

My on-camera credits include, appearing on a locally broadcasted comedy sketch show, a furniture commercial, and a foreign music video directed by Bolivian filmmaker Marcos Loayza.

If you want to get in touch: cristinarbyrne@gmail.com