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“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

Cristina Byrne

I go by Cristina but I have also been known as "Cris" throughout middle school and high school then "Tina" in college where the Tina Call was inspired by the Feeny Call. I have occasionally been referred to as "Burn" and "Xtina" but most recently, "C."

My birth place is Virginia Beach, Virginia but I was raised in highest altitude city in the world in the heart of South America - La Paz, Bolivia. I majored in Broadcast Journalism at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania where Comedian Kevin Hart claims, "its where Freddy Krueger lives." I lived upstate New York, ran away to the Natural State of Arkansas, made my way to the Good Life in Nebraska and I am currently back in the Pennsylvania on the Pursuit of Happiness.

So far, the only award I have received is, "Most Likely to Eat Everyone Else's Food" and I was the only girl in the 6th grade Juggling Club. My on-camera credits include, appearing on a locally broadcasted comedy sketch show, a foreign music video, and a furniture commercial. 

I Co-launched a creative content website called DIBS as an outlet for multi-medium artistic expression.

Here you will find pieces of my work or projects that I have been a part of along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!