Photo by    Chris Hagenbuch

Artist Statement

I am here to capture moments in time as well as create them in order to make an effective statement about what I am experiencing. I want to find the beauty in the darkness that will present perspective and introduce elements of magic. Where magic becomes a commonplace, a world where truly anything can happen.

My goal as an Artist has a sense of social responsibility, to help deepen my own life experiences and others to make a point about reality and create a world of endless possibilities through visual arts.


Cristina was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and left at the age of 8 and moved to La Paz, Bolivia - the highest altitude city in the world in the heart of South America.

She stayed in Bolivia until she graduated high school and then went off to major in Broadcast Journalism at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania where Comedian Kevin Hart claims, "its where Freddy Krueger lives."

She then went upstate New York, ran away to the Natural State of Arkansas, made her way to the Good Life in Nebraska and is now currently back in the Pennsylvania on the Pursuit of Happiness.

So far, the only award she have received was, "Most Likely to Eat Everyone Else's Food" and was the only girl in the 6th grade Juggling Club.

Her on-camera credits include, appearing on a locally broadcasted comedy sketch show, a furniture commercial, and a foreign music video directed by Bolivian filmmaker Marcos Loayza.

If you want to get in touch: cristinarbyrne@gmail.com